Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation: Explorations and Expansions
In this 10 week session, taught by Kyle Syverson, we will dive into the joys, subtleties, and fundamentals of Contact Improvisation.
What is Contact Improvisation??? CI is the exploration and play of physical forces on our bodies – solo, duo, or in group. It is whole body listening. It is finding center. It is a meditation and a conversation. It is sensational physicality!
In this class, we will practice being off balance and upside down, feeling soft pathways to the floor or up onto someone, sharing weight and momentum, AND being able to express boundaries. We will learn to support and be supported, to be soft and strong, to initiate and to follow, and to find ease in rolls and floor work.
This class is meant for beginners, for seasoned contacters, for actors, for dancers, for yogis, and for anyone looking for deeper connection to their bodies and to others.
COST: 135$ for all 10 classes. (Subsidy for full session available if economic need. Talk to me.)
17$ drop-in.