Re-opening guidelines for Free Flow Dance Centre

As you can imagine we are taking our time and slowly and cautiously re-opening the dance centre. As of June 30th we will be open for small groups of 5 or less. Groups must abide by our facility guidelines which you can find listed below.

Covid 19 facility use requirements

Do not enter the space if you feel unwell or exhibit any flu like symptoms including coughing, fever, headache or sneezing.

Please cough into your elbow should you need to. Temperature checks may be requested upon entry.

Please wait outside before your class to avoid build up of people in the lobby. Furniture has been removed from the lobby to avoid surface contamination and gathering. Please note that no more than 2 people should be present in the lobby at any given time.

Please respect social/physical distancing measurements in the studio space. This means you are required to keep a minimum of 6 feet /2 meters away from all other students and instructors.

Masks should be worn when the dancing situation is considered appropriate. Non dancing guests should wear a mask at all times while inside the dance centre.

Please leave all jackets, excess clothing, purses, bags etc in the trunk of your car to avoid contaminating the front hall surfaces.

Cell phones can be brought in but must be placed in the individual containers provided for you in the studio when not in use. If you do not require your phone please leave it in your vehicle.

When you enter the building please sanitize at our lobby station or wash your hands with soap and water in the washroom. Please sanitize the surfaces of your water bottle upon entering with the cleaning supplies and paper towels provided.

One of our washrooms is currently available to the public. Follow handwashing guidelines posted in the washroom.

Do not touch, adjust or open curtains or windows. Please request that the manager do so for you before you arrive.  

The use of fans is limited to blowing fresh air into the studio and stale air out of the studio. The use of other rotating circulating fans will not be permitted. Windows should be open unless the weather does not permit.

Persons disregarding the facility requirements will be asked to leave the facility.

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